Volkswagen Group China and Tribal Worldwide Beijing  have launched a digital-led campaign taglined “TSI® engine.The power behind the smile,”  in an effort to create advocacy for Volkswagen engine technology leadership among Chinese consumers, and shift consumer perception on performance measurement from displacement size to torque.

“Torque performance” is one of the core competencies of Volkswagen’s latest engine technologies. Volkswagen award-winning TSI® engine generates higher torque without increasing engine displacement and achieves maximum torque output over a wide range of rpm.

To help people understand the three most outstanding benefits of the TSI® engine – Acceleration, Hill Climbing ability and Fuel Efficiency, Tribal Worldwide Beijing has created three amusing viral videos which have been put on campaign site.

Acceleration video

Corporate Climber video

Fuel Efficiency video

The videos have already been viewed almost 3 million times in just five days.

The campaign seeks to create a friendly social environment for Volkswagen Group China’s relabeling project next year. From 2015, the displacement-based or engine type-based rear badge of selected Volkswagen brand passenger cars and light commercial vehicles that are equipped with TSI® or TDI®engine, will be progressively changed to “torque-based” badges. This critical change is to make “performance,” an increasingly important car purchase factor in China, directly visible to the customers.

The digital campaign is supported by a series of social media activities and PR cooperation. Currently, “Look for your life torque” topic has been spread up on Sina Weibo, to encourage people share the key factors, which inspired them to keep going on their life and work. Key opinion leaders and leading trade media are also sharing insights on TSI® Engine and what the entire re-labeling project will bring to the automobile industry.