DDB ALBANIA & MONTENEGRO is a communication agency that moves brands and businesses through creative ideas.

Operating in a market as “young” as the Albanian one can only be a challenge. Especially in advertising, the market field is full of energy, fierce competition, always seeking creativity and constantly trying to mature.

This requires us to always be on our toes and be the best we can be with a wide range of services, unparalleled creativity and second-to-none professional approach.

DDB Albania is a buzzing place full of young, active people bringing in their expertise from different fields in order to deliver game-changing ideas that generate business results year after year.

Especially nowadays that customer’s loyalty is put to the test every single day with social media gaining a bigger piece of the pie, brands face challenges bigger than ever.

That is why DDB Albania strives to stay ahead of its times, with an open-minded philosophy and modern methods stemming from an extensive network and original thinking.

After all, creativity is not merely a goal that we aim towards, but what defines us the most and a vital part of this agency’s DNA.