Digital marketing in Albania still needs to properly expand and develop. There is no lack of it, yet it needs to be more creative, inviting and involving.

In not all cases does it lead to directly boosted sales (although in some cases it really does), but the brand interaction with its “fanbase” is an opportunity for some quality, one-to-one time with its customers.That’s exactly the case with Raiffeisen Bank’s Trivia game, developed by DDB Albania.

People were happy to participate in thousands to test themselves, share the quiz and eventually get rewarded for their knowledge of Raiffeisen’s products. In case you were one of the few who didn’t get to play it, people had to answer questions regarding the bank products and claim rewards.

The sharp increase in Fanpage hits was a testament to the game’s success as people were actively looking and sharing the information and in the end it proved to be a perfect, win-win scenario:

Information was communicated in a not-pushy, effortless way, while the brand was elevated to love-brand status by actively rewarding their owns’ loyalty.